Deceptive Words That Mean Sugar

The root cause of yeast overgrowth is sugar, or anything that converts to sugar. If you are following the yeast-free eating plan, then you want to make sure you are always on the lookout for any type of sugar or hidden sugar ingredient that may be hiding in food products.

In addition to yeast overgrowth in the colon, too much sugar in your diet can cause inflammation throughout the body, causing a host of other health issues, such as obesity, joint pain, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, heart disease and affect thyroid function, to name a few.

Below is a list of different words that mean “sugar”:

• Agave nectar

• Beet sugar

• Brown rice syrup

• Brown sugar

• Cane sugar

• Coconut sugar

• Coconut palm sugar

• Corn syrup

• Dehydrated cane juice

• Dextrin

• Dextrose

• Evaporated cane juice

• Fructose

• Fruit juice concentrate

• High fructose corn syrup

• Honey

• Maltodextrin

• Malt syrup

• Maple syrup

• Molasses

• Palm sugar

• Raw sugar

• Rice syrup

• Sorghum

• Sucrose

• Syrup

• Turbinado sugar

The best substitutes for sugar are stevia, xylitol or erythritol. All are natural sweeteners that can easily be substituted for any of the sugars listed above.

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