Yeast-Free Support
The New Year typically brings with it the following question: What’s the best post-holiday cleanse and weight loss plan? That’s right, it’s our world-famous Yeast-Free With Me program, featuring one of our favorite supplements, Yeast-Free Support. Common goals achieved by following the yeast-free eating program and taking Yeast-Free Support are weight loss, increased energy, less bloating and sharper brain function. 

You see, yeast, or Candida, overgrows in our intestinal tract when we consume sugars like wheat, dairy and cane sugar, and even fruit. The holidays brought with them many occasions to eat too much sugar, dairy and gluten, so it’s common to experience a little bit of holiday yeast overgrowth. When yeast overgrows, it causes bloating, low energy, and brain fog. Through neurotransmitters, those little yeasty beasties even emit signals to our brain to eat more sugar, so it’s a vicious cycle that continually causes more issues for us. 

Eventually we can even get brain fog that’s bad enough to ask ourselves, “Am I okay?” You know, things like forgetting a loved one’s birthday or walking into a room and forgetting why you went in there. Occasionally experiencing these things can be normal, especially if you live a fast-paced, stressful life, but daily occurrences are not okay and should be taken as a signal that brain function is declining. Thankfully, this is something the yeast-free eating program is famous for helping with, so, no, you aren’t “losing it.” 

Yeast overgrowth is bad and causes major health issues, and by killing it you can lose weight, have better energy and even have a clearer brain. Now let’s get started on the details of how Yeast-Free Support works to help us achieve those goals. 

Here are a few ingredients from the Yeast-Free Support formula and benefits linked to them: 

Caprylic Acid kills yeast in the colon and helps restore normal acid balance in the stomach. By killing the yeast, caprylic acid can reduce bloating and clear brain fog, helping to improve memory and focus. It is also easily metabolized by the mitochondria for energy in the cells, so it increases energy by being its own super-efficient power source. This is especially helpful in the brain cells for improved brain energy which improves brain function. Studies show that MCT (medium chain triglycerides) like caprylic acid can help improve memory and brain function in Alzheimer’s patients. 

Pau D’Arco is an herb that has antimicrobial benefits and can also help kill yeast, a.k.a. Candida. Remember, it’s the Candida that crashes your energy level and causes those intense sugar cravings. When you kill the yeast, your sugar cravings gradually subside and energy increases. 

Black Walnut Oil is useful partially due to its healthy fat content that can help reduce depression, increase memory and boost heart health, but there are other benefits, as well. Black walnut oil is an effective antimicrobial. Candida is a microbe so it does well to kill Candida. It’s also great for skin and studies show it may even help protect against cancer. 

Oregano Oil: Oregano* means “delight of the mountains” and its oil is perhaps best known for its anti-fungal properties. When treating yeast overgrowth naturally, it’s important to get a nice variety of different food-based components to increase effectiveness. 

Yeast-Free With Me is an eating plan that will keep you “in the zone” and away from sugar, dairy and white carbohydrates. This, in and of itself, can help most of us lose 5-10 pounds in 3 months, easily. As a special bonus, Yeast-Free Support helps kill the yeast which reduces cravings and helps you stay on track over the long term. It also reduces bloating. (It is free of soy, GMO, gluten, corn, dairy, and egg.)

If you’ve been struggling with low energy, losing weight or brain fog, now is a great time to kill the yeast and reap the benefits. 

Join us for Yeast-Free With Me and get your Yeast-Free Starter Kit, which includes Yeast-Free Support, from Physicians Preference Vitamins today! 

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*Yeast-Free Support should not be taken if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. The oregano oil can help balance hormones, but could also cause an early miscarriage.