Trim the Fat on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is almost here, and if you haven’t already done so, you’ll be heading to the grocery store to get everything you need for the big day. To survive Thanksgiving dinner with not a pound gained or the dreaded food hangover the next day, you must have a plan.

Here are some tips to get your thoughts and plans on the right track:

Make special requests of your host or offer to bring healthy dishes. This Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash Recipe is a deliciously healthy side dish!

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water the days before and after Thanksgiving. Drinking water will help you stay fuller and keep your metabolism awake.

Don't skimp on sleep the night before Thanksgiving. Less sleep will raise your cortisol (your main stress hormone) the following day which also raises your appetite dramatically. You will have no defense against overeating if you are short on rest.

Don't try to save calories by skipping meals the day of your feast. This will only send you into a blood sugar roller coaster, causing you to binge on carbohydrate-rich foods like stuffing or pie. Start your morning with a protein-rich smoothie like this Yeast-Free Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe to help get your metabolism moving, while also keeping you full throughout the morning. 

Have your mind set on regular portion sizes and just a sampling of treats. Start with normal size of protein and then add as many vegetables as possible. Have smaller tastings of all the rich, starchy sides and dessert.

Be careful with alcohol, especially before the feast. Many people begin drinking earlier on the big day either because of a festive mood or a stressed one. Alcohol affects your blood sugar and can cause big cravings for more alcohol or food. Remember, water is your secret weapon!

Focus on non-food related traditions like game playing or story-telling with family and offer to help the host. Take the family for a walk or play basketball on the driveway with the kids to burn extra calories.

Don't to forget to pack your supplements. Calming nutrients like magnesium and inositol are life savers when stress is high and cravings are higher. Not to mention, chromium and L-glutamine can stop cravings in their tracks.

We wish you a blessed, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!