The Importance of Glutathione for Detox

Did you know that toxins are stored in fat cells? This includes toxins from foods, water, home products, environmental toxins and even the scented personal care products you use on your body.  When you come in contact with any form of these toxins, your body begins to work hard to push them out of your blood stream, and the immediate biological solution is to store them in fat.

So what this means is, if you are overly toxic, your body will actually produce more fat for storage. Yikes!

If your hormones are balanced, yet you are unable to shed extra pounds, you most likely need to detox your body.  The perfect detoxifying agent is glutathione.  Since our liver is our body's detoxing hub, the most concentrated source of glutathione can be found within its cells.  Glutathione is used to protect us from pollution, radiation, drugs, carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals.

To get even more technical, glutathione's purpose is to bind to toxins to make them water soluble, therefore more easily secreted from the body. The problem is 1) 10-30% of our population is lacking the enzyme that enhances glutathione production, and 2) our glutathione levels are quickly depleted during the first phase of detoxification, so supplementing is often necessary.

Most importantly, however, is the heart's dependence upon adequate glutathione production. In fact, studies have shown that a glutathione deficiency is correlated with the recurrence of heart problems after heart attacks, along with the progression of coronary artery disease. (1)

Can you see now how vital glutathione is for optimal health? Lucky for you, Hotze Vitamins has two forms of glutathione readily available - Liposomal Glutathione Softgels and ReadiSorb Liquid Glutathione.

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