Secrets to Healthy Hair

Healthy hair seems to be on just about everyone’s wish list. Who doesn’t want thick, shiny beautiful hair? It makes you feel good about yourself. Healthy hair is also a good sign of overall health.

If your hair is thin or brittle, it could indicate issues with digestion, hormone imbalance, or stress. If the issue is hormone imbalance, particularly low thyroid function, then you need to address this common underlying cause. If you are not hypothyroid or are already on treatment for it, there are a few things you can add to your daily routine for more beautiful hair.

Hair is made of keratin which is a type of protein, so the first thing to do is eat a good amount of protein daily. This helps to have visibly thicker hair. The average women (130-150 pounds) should eat about 45-60 grams of protein per day. If you want to visibly thicken your hair, try to get on the higher end of that range. Pushing it to 60 grams of protein per day for a month or two can help your hair thicken substantially.

Eating 1-2 servings of organic meat daily is good but adding protein shake daily may be the protein boost you need. You can also eat more eggs, salmon, and nuts for increased shine and thickness. If you are already eating 50/60 grams of protein per day and not seeing results, try taking Digestive Enzymes to help break down your protein into the amino acids your body needs to create keratin.

Taking the right supplements is also key. Finding the right ones that actually give you visible results is a little bit tricky, but we have good news. The Hair Skin and Nail Formula is the highest quality supplement you can find and top-rated among our guests and staff. Not only does it speed up hair growth, but also helps grow new hair. It can even help your nails to be thicker and skin to be healthier. That’s a win-win-win if we’ve ever heard one!

Here is a breakdown of some of the key ingredients in the Hair, Skin and Nail Formula, and how they help improve hair health:

Vitamin A helps produce sebum, an oily substance secreted by the scalp, which keeps hair hydrated and smooth. Also, Vitamin A fights free radicals that can weigh down your hair.

Vitamin C helps absorb iron from food as well as build collagen, which is critical for hair growth. It also is one of our favorite nutrients for overall health, so it’s great to get a little more here and there when you can. It’s also an antioxidant which helps reduce free radicles that can weigh hair down. 

Vitamin E  helps the body’s blood circulation by increasing oxygen uptake, which in turn aids the body in producing new hair. Vitamin E can also work with vitamin C to become a potent antioxidant that can reach all parts of the cell. Any antioxidant activity will help lower inflammation which can cause hair loss.

Biotin is vital to cell proliferation (think hair growth) and helps produce amino acids used in building protein for hair. You can get biotin as a stand-alone supplement, and this is one of our most popular supplements for new hair growth. You have to take 5,000-10,000 mcg per day for about a month to see the new hair growth, but sure enough, in just a few weeks, our guest tells us they see new hair sprouting up. Biotin also helps repair hair shingles caused by overheating or overworking hair. Since it takes a few weeks to see the benefits, we recommend starting to take biotin as soon as possible.

Iodine and Selenium are essential to thyroid health and can reduce symptoms of hypothyroidism such as hair loss.

Zinc is a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression. Basically, it helps reduce hair loss. It is also a nutrient that often shows deficient for several common causes of hair loss like alopecia, male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, and telogen effluvium.

Silica improves circulation and blood flow to the scalp which is critical for hair growth and healthy hair maintenance. Blood flow to the scalp means the nutrients and amino acids are able to be where they need to be to build hair.

Astaxanthin is within the family of carotenoids, but is amazing enough to have its own name. It’s such a powerful antioxidant that it can help balance hormones, which can improve hair health. This would be particularly helpful with male pattern baldness.  It also helps reduce free radicles that can weigh hair down.

These key ingredients are the reasons why Hair, Skin and Nail Formula is a top seller and works so well. Healthy hair requires a plethora of nutrients, so this formula makes it easy to get as many nutrients as possible in just 1-2 capsules.

Avoid Chemical Solutions for Hair Growth

Very quickly, we need to tell you about something that is NOT effective and can be quite harmful. Rogaine, aka monoxidil, is a very toxic chemical. The side effects listed on the package include shortness of breath and chest pain, and it can also cause severe joint pain and body aches. It’s very dangerous and we suggest that you steer clear of it. In this particular situation, it could be a life or death decision. Chose life and treat hair loss naturally.

Ok, so we’ve given you nutrition advice and supplement or two to take for hair loss, and told you what not to take, but here are a few more items for the “awesome hair” to do- list.

Here are a few more tips to help with hair growth: 

  1. Add 3-5 lavender oil drops in your natural shampoo/conditioner and hair sprays. Lavender has been shown in studies to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  2. Massage scalp daily for 2-4 minutes. Use an inversion table if you have one. Anything to improve circulation to the scalp will help hair growth. If you do this every day for a week or two, you should see noticeable growth.
  3. Wash hair with cold water to keep follicles closed and prevent unwanted hair loss in the shower and right after the shower.
  4. Stress can cause hair loss, so be diligent with daily stress relief habits like prayer, walking/working out and spending time with loved ones. Eating healthy (low carb high veggie) can also reduce stress.
  5. Get a good night’s rest, as your body uses sleep time to build hair proteins and refuel. Take our Sleep Formula if you have issues sleeping.

Healthier, more beautiful hair isn’t always easy to get, but Hair Skin and Nail Formula makes it easier, and it’s always well worth the effort. In just a few weeks you will be seeing the benefits and feeling great!