Raspberry Mint Detox Spritzer Recipe
If the above picture doesn't make your mouth water instantly, I don't know what will. The sweet taste of raspberries, the refreshing taste of mint and the little zing of lime make a perfect (and delicious) detox water. Step up your detox game with this antioxidant-loaded water recipe!

Raspberry Mint Detox Spritzer Recipe


12 oz. sparkling water or club soda
3 fresh organic raspberries
1 fresh mint leaf
1/2 lime, freshly squeezed


Pour club soda or sparkling water into a tall glass with ice. 
In a small bowl, muddle raspberries and mint leaf just a little bit. 
Pour muddled raspberries and mint leaf over club soda and top with a squeeze of lime. 

Enjoy this refreshing beverage!