Looking for some healthy delicious dessert recipes for Christmas? In case you missed it, we want to share with you some of our top favorites!

Are you doing a yeast-free eating program? It can be challenging to eat yeast-free, especially during the holidays. You’d like to bring a tasty dessert to your family Christmas celebration, but you also don’t want it loaded with sugar. We have the perfect solution for you - our Yeast-Free Chocolate Pecan Christmas Cookies!

The holidays are about family and gratitude, but no one will argue that it’s also about the pie! If you are on a Paleo Eating Plan, you may be wondering if you can even have any pie at all, but don’t worry, you can. In fact, this Paleo Chocolate Meringue Pie is just as good as any other creamy chocolate pie you’ve had…maybe better! The best part is, you won’t feel bloated and low in energy afterwards. You’ll feel great! 

It seems like the holiday season is always spent around the dining table, enjoying delicious meals and making memories with friends and family. This year, instead of picking up a store-bought dessert, give your guests a healthier option. These Pumpkin Brownies are gluten-free, have delicious dark chocolate chips and are whipped with pureed pumpkin, giving them the rich, yet healthy, taste you crave after a big meal. Take it from us and add this to your pumpkin-inspired recipe collection today!

When you're eating yeast-free, having a go-to snack that satisfies your sweet tooth can make all the difference. For a tasty treat that won't throw you off your eating plan, try these healthy chocolate chip almond cookies to satisfy your taste buds and that chocolate chip cookie craving. Enjoy!

The upcoming holidays could be a challenge to survive while you are doing the yeast-free eating program, but with our help, this is a great excuse to try a new recipe! This Yeast-Free Crème Brulee Recipe is straight off the presses, fresh from the Nutritionists’ test kitchen. Just get ready, because we are sure it will be your new favorite. 

Crème Brulee is a classic egg-based custard dish. With a couple of substitutions, you can enjoy a gourmet Yeast-Free Crème Brulee* in no time. Besides the deliciousness you can look forward to, and the fact that no one will notice it’s yeast-free, the health benefits of organic eggs are definitely a reason to try this recipe. 

A healthy dessert that takes minimal ingredients and tastes delicious...was there ever a better recipe? Pair these Baked Cinnamon Apples Slices with a glass of ice cold almond milk and you have a delicious, yet guilt-free treat! (Not to mention, the kids love this one, too!)