Dr. Ellsworth's Super Healthy Green Shake Recipe

Our very own Dr. Ellsworth is the perfect example of a healthy eater.  We've discovered the ingredients of his healthy green shake and we want to share it with you. It makes a great detox shake!

In a powerful blender (like a Vitamix), add the following ingredients:

1 handful of carrots

3 cloves of garlic, pressed

1/2 jalapeno pepper

1 teaspoon minced ginger

2 Tablespoons red onion

6 rehydrated dried tomato halves

2 handfuls of spinach

1 large kale leaf (center rib removed)

3 large leaves of romaine lettuce

1/2 avocado

1 t. Bragg's Amino Acids or Nama Shoyu

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 Tablespoon fresh lemon or lime juice

1 Tablespoon hempseed or flaxseed oil

1/2 cup water

Blend altogether until you get a nice smooth consistency. You may need to eat it with a spoon, but you can add more water if you want to drink it.

It's essential that you detoxify your body on a regular basis for good health. Your body will thank you!