Colostrum for Seasonal and Food Allergies
Allergy season is here, and you may already know to take certain supplements to help fight allergies and strengthen your immune system such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and quercetin, however, have you ever considered taking colostrum? 

Colostrum is known as mother’s first milk, and it’s full of lifegiving nutrients like vitamins and beneficial antibodies that help strengthen the immune response. The nutrients in colostrum help babies stay healthy in their first few days of life, and the benefits may stay with them for years, if not for their whole life. 

Can we still somehow get the benefits of colostrum as older kids and adults? Absolutely we can, and it’s as easy as ever. Colostrum Complete is a nutritional supplement for all ages that helps you benefit from the God-designed, immune supporting benefits of colostrum. Colostrum Complete is a proprietary colostrum polypeptide blend, fortified with a specially extracted colostrum polypeptide concentrate to yield maximum results. It does not contain any egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soy.

Research shows that bovine milk contains many components that have immunomodulatory and antimicrobial properties. Bovine IgG immunoglobulins found in colostrum can not only bind to a wide range of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, but also to many allergens including airborne and some food allergens. (1)

Allergies are an abnormal response by the immune system to normally occurring substances in the environment. This abnormal response is commonly brought about by an overexposure to a substance, or by the immune system acting out of turn. It can be a serious health problem, and if you suffer from allergies, you are not alone. 

Allergies affect about 50 million people each year, causing low energy, red eyes, sniffling, sneezing, rashes, headaches, stomach problems, and more. Approximately 32 million people have food allergies. Food allergies in particular cause about 200,000 emergency room visits annually, and are one of the top causes of death from allergies. Yikes. Yes, the statistics are scary, but the good news is that colostrum can help fight food allergies, too.

Colostrum is particularly helpful for supporting the immune system through gut healing. Leaky gut is a condition caused by inflammation that can lead to severe food allergies and sensitivities. Food particles leak through the small intestine walls and are recognized as invaders and then attacked. This activated immune response can trigger headaches, skin rashes, stomach cramps, brain fog, and runny nose, to name just a few common symptoms. 

The great news is that colostrum has been shown to help heal and reverse a leaky gut. With consistent supplementation, we’ve seen food allergies become less severe and even completely reversed. Colostrum helps heal the gut lining and even helps kill the pathogens in the gut like H. pylori. 

Colostrum can also help with general immune-boosting for the whole family. Mom and dad can take the Colostrum Complete Capsules or Colostrum Complete Powder, depending upon their preference. Kids can have the powder added to a protein shake.  Don’t forget grandma and grandpa. They can take the capsules, as well, or the powder if their digestion is weak, and they will benefit from the immune boosting effects just as much as everyone else. 

Whether you struggle from seasonal allergies or food allergies, colostrum may be just the thing your body needs to build those defenses and start the gut healing process. Take that, allergies! 

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