Brain Food for Thought - PQQ
It's common for us to experience blips in our memory now and then, but wouldn't it be nice if we could always recall important information whenever we need it? Imagine how much better you would feel if you could always remember names of old friends, where you put your keys last or that one item off your grocery list.

While it may be virtually impossible to eliminate forgetfulness altogether, there are ways you can increase your brain capacity so that you can improve your memory, enhance your ability to recall information and more importantly, have all around good mental energy.

One key nutrient that comes to mind when it comes to "mental energy" is a brand new, natural compound known as PQQ Advance, short for Pyrroloquinoline.

This up-and-coming anti-aging supplement is known for its host of mental health benefits, and could also be the answer to all the who's, what's, where's and when's in your life.

To get a little technical, PQQ Advance supports mitochondrial biogenesis, or the spontaneous growth of new mitochondria in aging cells. What this means to you is that even as your body is aging, PQQ has the ability to give your "old" cells new life. Doing this may drastically improve cellular energy, and overall energy throughout your entire body, and it has been said that PQQ can keep your cells youthful.

What this also means to you is:

Healthy mental function, such as recall, memory and focus
Brain protection, even in advanced years
Advanced antioxidant capabilities to keep your cells healthy

PQQ Advance also contains the cofactor Alpha GPC, which enables your body to more readily absorb PQQ so that you can reap the most benefits by taking as few capsules as possible. Alpha GPC also supports optimal neurological health.

Support your brain with PQQ Advance today!