7 Ways to Get More Energy During the Summer
Have you found yourself low on energy this summer? Maybe you struggle to get out of bed in the morning rather than popping up like you normally do. Perhaps you feel sleepy after lunch rather than ready to tackle your important afternoon objectives. You may be drinking too much caffeine in the meantime. It is possible to feel amazingly well and energized in the heat of the summer with a few healthy reminders. 

7 Ways to Get More Energy During the Summer 

1. Drink water. Hydration is critical! Those hot summer rays of sunshine can remove water from our bodies, which makes it more challenging to stay hydrated. Unsweetened coconut water is a great way to hydrate with natural electrolytes. Add a bit of Sweet-N-Natural if needed. Limit coffee intake to 2 cups a day or less. It may help to drink a full glass of water before a cup of coffee. 

2. Take the PowerPak! PowerPak was designed for increasing energy. This packet of vitamins is a fuel refill just waiting to give you a full tank. What would you do with an energy boost this summer? Would you spend more time with the grandkids or plan the vacation of a lifetime? Whatever it is you need energy for, the PowerPak will help! Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak contains a comprehensive multi-vitamin and full B-Complex, vitamin C for adrenal support, Co-Q10 for an extra energy boost (and heart health), and l-carnitine to help burn fat. The PowerPak comes in a convenient and affordable one month supply. 

3. Slow way down on the sugar. Refined sugars can zap energy fast. Making wiser food choices, like switching from refined carbs to complex carbs such as fruits or vegetables, can boost energy within a day or two. Those cravings for sweets will go away soon. In the meantime, a little bit of Sweet-N Natural in your favorite recipes will be refreshingly delicious. Did you know that natural sweeteners have their own health benefits? Stevia can help balance blood sugar. Erythritol and Xylitol can reverse small cavities! 

4. Reserve intense physical activity for cooler parts of the day. Don’t try to run between 11 am and 4 pm. Running or intense yard work should be done before 11 am and after 4 pm. It’s still important to get in that great workout, and you’ll thank yourself for doing it, but it needs to be during a safe time of day to prevent heat stroke. To help stay cool, wear a hat, take breaks under the shade, and use a fan or water mister. Also, a cold wet cloth placed around the back of your neck works wonders for keeping your body temperature in a normal range. 

5. Be smart during the hottest part of the day. The sun is a huge source of energy, but as with most things in life, moderation is key. Getting too much sun can cause heat exhaustion. The hottest part of the day is the best time to get indoor work done, read a book, or do computer work. However, if you feel yourself slumping, take a walk outside for just 5-10 minutes. You’ll be surprised what a small dose of sunshine will do for your energy level. It could boost energy for the next 2 hours! It can also help balance hormones and improve mood. 

6. Eat cucumbers for advanced rehydration and nutrient replacement. Cucumbers are 95% water, so snacking on them rather than chips or sweets can be a game-changer. Cucumbers help rehydrate the body and keep it cool. They also contain B vitamins to help increase energy and well-being. You can add them to a salad, eat them with hummus, or just slice them up and eat them plain. Pickles are also a good choice for summer because of the amount of sodium we lose when sweating, so go ahead and add the extra pickles! 

7. Consider switching to a ketogenic eating plan. A keto eating program is a great way to redirect your body’s fuel source away from sugars, sculpt your body for summer, and make newer and more nutritious dietary habits. Keto eating has been shown to promote weight loss, improve brain function and helps lower blood sugar. Try using an app like Carb Manager to help count net carbs and keep you in ketosis, and consider using Exogenous Ketones to support your plan. Taking a ketone supplement can help get you into ketosis faster, reduces the keto flu, and helps keep you in ketosis in case of cheating. 

We try to do so much in the summer, however it could be our to-do list that does us in. We imagine all the outdoor projects we’ll complete to get ready for the upcoming fall. We may forget, though, that there are only so many hours in a day, and in the summer when the days are long and hot, you have limited time to get work done. The best and healthiest thing to do now is reset expectations for outdoor activities. Take time to get the rest you need during the hottest part of the day so that you have more energy later, when it’s safer to go outside. 

Having said all of this, sunshine is our friend. Summer is a great time to get things done, enjoy family pool time and make great memories. Remembering to take a healthy approach to summer activities by hydrating, taking vitamins, limiting time in the full sun and eating healthy will refill your energy tank and help create sweet summer memories.