5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Home
Spring has sprung which means it's time for a little spring cleaning in your house. Previously we discussed ways to spring clean your pantry and today, we're following up with five easy ways you can detox your home as you begin your spring cleaning.

With disease and cancer rates sky-rocketing each and every year, it is critical that you start doing something to reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins you're exposed to each and every day. Whether you decide to use household items that contain fewer chemicals, only buy organic groceries or drink a detox shake daily, here are 5 simple ways you can detox your home:

1. Swap out food containers. While it may be easy to grab a cheap pack of plastic food containers to store food in, they may be making a less-than-positive impact on your health. Invest in good quality glass food containers to store and heat foods in. The plastics used to make storage containers contain parabens and phthalates, which can interfere with your body's hormone receptors, impeding your body from being able to absorb and use hormones properly. Additionally, they may potentially increase the risk for estrogen-related cancers, such as breast, ovarian and prostate cancers.

2. Prohibit plastic water bottles. Though you typically don't heat plastic water bottles. the plasticizers within the bottles can still leach into your water, which you then consume. Purchase glass or stainless steel water bottles and fill them with pure, filtered water instead of opting for disposable plastic water bottles. (Plus, enjoy knocking $5 off your grocery bill each week!)

3. Ban BPA. It's completely understandable that glass may not always be an option. When you're faced with the decision of plastics, BPA-free is always the way to go. Also, it's important to note that canned goods may also contain BPA so limit the amount of canned goods in your pantry.

4. Swap out your cleaning and personal care products for healthier options. Make one change at a time. Rather than tossing out every single household item you own, swap out your products with healthier options as you run out. For example, the next time you run out of laundry detergent, research more eco-friendly brands at your store and choose one that you think would be a better option. Apply this same rule to your soaps and lotions, too. Use up what you have, but as soon as you run out, check out more natural options that are available to you.

5. Make your own natural cleaners. Common kitchen ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, sea salt and lemon can all be used to make natural, organic household solutions. Pass on the expensive organic cleaners and make your own! You'll be amazed how fresh (and clean!) you can get your house without having to suffer from the yucky by-products that come with store-bought cleaners. Here are some simple recipes for cleaning products you can easily make at home.