5 Optimal Health Tips for Dad
Men’s Health Month is here, and we are ready to show some appreciation! One guy in particular we’d like to focus on is Dad. Dads work tirelessly all year long to provide for their families. They would do anything to care for them and protect them. Dad is such a giver, but this month, it’s all about how we can help Dad feel his best and be more successful and happy. 

A man’s success depends heavily on how well he feels. If he feels low in energy, he may not make it to the gym. If he feels unfocused, he may disregard something important that needs his attention. If he gets sick all the time, then he may struggle to advance in his career. Poor performance can lead to low self-esteem and depressed moods.  

On the other hand, if Dad has high energy, then he makes it to the gym on most days and also has the energy to coach the Little League team.  If he has the focus he needs, then he is thinking ahead on his short and long term plans and goals. And when Dad doesn’t have to use his sick days, he’s happy to use them for something more meaningful like a vacation with his family or maybe a volunteer day. 

But we know that optimal health for Dad can be a challenge, especially with his sometimes high-stress job and busy schedule. 

Dad wants to be amazing, but sometimes he just feels tired. 

How can we help Dad out? 

Here are 5 tips for optimal health for Dad: 

1) Make sure Dad gets time on his own to rest and refresh. Men are different from women. Women refresh themselves through relationships and communication. Men need some time alone or maybe time with a best bud. The idea of a “man cave” is not such a bad idea, but if you don’t have a space specifically for Dad to rest and relax, then send him on a short camping or backpacking trip. Reconnecting with nature is good for Dad, too. 

2) Remind him to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated has many benefits like improving physical performance and focus, relieving dehydration headaches, lowering tension, and helping him to detox. Staying hydrated is also a good idea if you want to lose a few pounds. By drinking water first, you are less likely to overeat, and much less likely to eat unhealthy food. 

3) If Dad has a desk job, then he needs to get moving either before or after work. Ask him to take a walk in the neighborhood, or encourage him to go for the run he knows he needs. He can use the lunch hour to take a brisk walk, as well. Physical activity helps keep Dad’s heart strong, his stress low, and mood sky-high. You could also make sure he has a gym membership. 

4) Encourage Dad to do the Optimal Eating Plan (Yeast-Free Eating Plan).  He can stick with this eating plan long-term, because it supports high energy and optimal performance with a low-carb, high-protein approach. He should also focus first and foremost on bright colored, low-carb fruits and vegetables like red bell peppers, yellow squash, kale, cucumbers, broccoli, yams, and pumpkin. Pumpkin seeds are a particularly healthy food for Dad, because they contain lots of antioxidants to reduce inflammation. Studies show that this can help him have a healthier prostate (2014 S. Karger AG, Basel). 

5) Get the highest quality vitamins for Dad to fuel his busy days. Dad is always thinking of someone else and busy making things happen. The My HotzePak Men’s Basics Plus Prostate Pro was put together just for him! Optimal nutrition is usually the quickest route to feeling better, and unfortunately, it’s impossible to obtain it through food alone. Supplements help add an extra measure of nutrition that not only helps us avoid disease, but helps us FEEL great and experience optimal health. Dad definitely needs good supplements to keep up the great work. Hotze Vitamins’ supplements are top quality, and guaranteed for freshness, purity, and potency. 

Here is a breakdown of what’s in the My HotzePak Men’s Basics Plus Prostate Pro and how it can help Dad:
  • Dr. Hotze’s Energy Formula (3 capsules) - Contains B-Complex vitamins to reduce stress and increase energy, vitamin D for improving the immune system, and trace minerals for optimal mineral balance.
  • Omega Complete Fish Oil  (1 softgel) - Omega Complete Fish Oil softgels contain 640 mg of omega 3 fatty acids which helps support optimal heart, brain and eye function. Omega 3 fatty acids also reduce inflammation and reduce pain.
  • Vitamin C (2 - 1,000 mg capsules) - Dad needs plenty of vitamin C to support his adrenal glands. Vitamin C will also help boost his immune system and improve collagen production.
  • Dr. Hotze's Prostate Pro (4 capsules) - Prostate Pro was formulated with Dad’s optimal prostate health in mind. The formula helps reduce inflammation, reduces pain, and improves urinary flow.
  • Vitamin D3  (2 - 1,000 iu softgels) - This is an extra boost of vitamin D so Dad can fend off whatever germs come home from the daycare center (or into the office).
  • Magnesium Glycinate (2 capsules) - Magnesium helps protect Dad’s heart, and helps keep his stress levels and moods in check.
Dad is one of our favorite guys, and his health is important to us. When he’s healthy and happy, we can all rest easy and watch him tackle his days like a pro. When he doesn’t feel good, it’s a worry for all of us. 

That being said, if Dad needs a doctor appointment, get him in to see the doctor. If he needs a break from daily life, take him on a trip into nature. If Dad is tired, or just generally not feeling well, get him on the highest quality vitamins as soon as possible through Hotze Vitamins. We recommend that you order him the My HotzePak Men’s Basics Plus Prostate Pro today. It makes a world of difference, just like Dad!