28 Reasons Our 28-Day Slim Down Plan is a Successful Weight Loss Program
The 28-Day Slim Down Program has been so successful, and we want to tell you why. Maybe you are on the fence and not sure which weight loss plan to commit to. Maybe a little bit more information about how and why the slim down works so well will convince you to give it a try. 

Most of these 28 “ways” the plan works are ingredients in the advanced nutritional supplements that come in the vitamin pack with the 28-Day Slim Down Kit. This kit is amazing, and the ingredients are amazing. You should know more about the science of the formula. Ultimately, you may not care how it works, but there’s so much false information out there about other plans and formulas that don’t work, that we thought you should know why this one does.

28 Reasons Our 28-Day Slim Down Plan is a Successful Weight Loss Program:

1. The Slim Down Guide that comes with the kit is priceless. It gives you recipes, food lists, and instructions on what to take, what to eat and when, etc. It even has our contact information on it to make it easy to ask questions. It’s basically your map to a slimmer body.

2. Chromium is a trace mineral in the pack that helps support blood sugar regulation. Basically, it can help lower blood sugar which prevents excess sugar being turned into fat. High blood sugar is your worst enemy on a slim down plan, so chromium is an important element of the pack.

3. Garcinia Cambogia is an herbal supplement in the Bodyworks Formula that has two benefits. It helps improve metabolism and also helps reduce cravings and hunger. The last thing you need 30 minutes before a healthy dinner is a craving for empty calories. We think Garcinia Cambogia is one of the reasons this whole kit works so well. It could be due to how well it eliminates cravings, which then reduces the number of calories you eat.

4. Guarana Seed is also in the Bodyworks Formula and is used for weight loss, athletic performance, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue. It has even been used recently to help reduce fatigue and depression during cancer treatment. (1)

5. Kola Nut is in the Dr. Hotze’s Bodyworks Formula and helps reduce hunger and increase weight loss. (2)

6. Need a reason to eat healthy fats? You could just do the 28-Day Slim Down. CLA is a supplement in the 28-Day Slim Down Kit that helps reduce body fat, particularly in the midsection. It’s also “found in fats from ruminants and it appears to favorably modify the body composition and cardiometabolic risk factors.” (3) Seriously? We just wanted to lose weight, but the heart health bit is even more amazing.

7. Beet Powder is used in the 28-Day Slim Down formulation for detox as well as energy support, clarity and circulation. Beet root supports the production of nitric oxide, which helps arteries relax and expand, thus reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation. Beet root is a great addition to any formula with lots of other nutrients because it helps all nutrients get to more parts of the body.

8. Cayenne Fruit is also in the Bodyworks Formula, and helps increase metabolism, reduces hunger, may lower blood pressure, and reduces pain.

9. Green Tea Leaf and Extract are in the kit and have been shown to promote weight loss. In one study, the average participant that took Green Tea Extract lost 7 more pounds, as opposed to those participants that did not take it. Green Tea works mostly because of the EGCG component, which is an antioxidant that inhibits an enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine. This increase in norepinephrine promotes fat breakdown. (4)

10. Gotu Kola is an herb in the kit that helps reduce fatigue, anxiety and depression. Weight loss can sometimes be inhibited by just a few anxious thoughts, so ingredients like this just help you stay positive and on track.

11. An herb that fights inflammation and promotes a healthier liver is Ho Shou Wu. It’s in Dr. Hotze’s Detox Formula, and it helps promote weight loss through its effective detox properties.

12. Milk Thistle is another herbal supplement in the Detox Formula that helps lower liver enzymes, so it helps with detox.

13. Artichoke is another herb in the Detox Formula, and it is an antioxidant that helps boost glutathione levels.

14. Green Coffee Bean is an antioxidant in the Detox Formula that helps boost metabolism. It’s also an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation.

15. Raspberry Leaf is an herbal component of the Detox Formula that is packed full of antioxidants and nutrients, all of which helps support weight loss and detox.

16. Pancreatic Enzymes are in the kit and help breakdown fat, carbs and protein. Basically they help with digestion.

17. Setria Reduced Glutathione is a detox ingredient in the kit. Glutathione is called the mother of all antioxidants, because it’s the strongest and most effective. Have you taken Tylenol lately or do you use Glade PlugIns? These are common products that deplete glutathione levels to a dangerously low level. Having a good glutathione level is important if you want to lose weight.

18. Grape Seed Extract is an herbal component of the kit that is an antioxidant and helps support healthy circulation. Some people take it for skin health and varicose veins.

19. Dandelion Root is an unsuspecting ingredient in the kit that helps support a healthy gut and nutrition status. The root contains inulin which is a fiber that supports healthy gut bacteria.

20. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps burn triglycerides (fat). Not only that, but it turns fat into energy. This can be helpful when you are trying to get to the gym regularly.

21. Fiber Blend improves elimination and keeps your system clean, which is important for weight loss.

22. The kit can also help reduce stress and anxiety eating. Schisandra Fruit is an ingredient in the Detox Formula that has antioxidant properties and also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

23. Berberine is a component of Barberry Root, which is an ingredient in the kit, and it helps lower blood sugar. Again, blood sugar regulation is important for weight loss because high blood sugar leads to fat deposits.

24. Organic Turmeric Root is in the Detox Formula and contains a small amount of curcumin, which is a very strong antioxidant. It may help lower cancer risk, and it definitely helps reduce pain and increases antioxidant status.

25. L-Methionine is also in the kit and helps support athletic performance, and even weight loss.

26. The Pure Pea Protein Powder in the kit is another way the 28-Day Slim Down works so well. A good source of protein like Pure Pea Protein helps you lose weight by helping you feel fuller, and it also helps burn fat.

27. Whether you're simply ready to fit back into your favorite "skinny" jeans, getting ready for your wedding or class reunion, whatever your reason, the 28-Day Slim Down is the perfect solution to help you jump-start your weight loss journey. Plus, you will get email support to help motivate you along the way!

28. The support you get from the Hotze Vitamins Certified Holistic Nutritionists and Vitamin Consultants is also substantial. You can email us, you can call us at 281-646-1659, or you can chat with us on the website during business hours. Not sure if a food is ok to eat, or how often to take the vitamins? Just give us a call. We also love to just hear about your progress. Your success is ours.

Dr. Hotze’s Bodyworks Plus, Detox Formula, CLA, Fiber Blend, Green Coffee Bean Extract and the Pure Pea Protein are all parts of the 28-Day Slim Down Kit. It’s an amazing set of ingredients that helps support faster weight loss, better energy, a sense of well-being and overall health. Get your 28-Day Slim Down Kit today!