12 Reasons to take Probiotics (Including Hope for Depression)
Probiotics are more and more in the forefront of nutrition news and are, no doubt, a critical part of your supplement regimen. This is especially true as antibiotics are commonly prescribed for the treatment of infections. The Greeks have been recommending eating probiotic foods for centuries, and the invention of probiotic supplements has brought encouraging evidence that probiotics significantly improve many conditions related to intestinal dysbiosis and inflammation such as mental illness, heart disease and cancer.  

Hotze Vitamins carries the highest quality probiotic on the market, called Probiotic Blend. Many people tell us that they can take Probiotic Blend and literally feel better in about an hour. It tends to relieve constipation and stomach aches, and can boost mood and energy.  That may be why it’s one of our top selling products and has quite a few fans. 

Here are 12 reasons to take Probiotic Blend: 

1. It helps you lose weight! A 2014 analysis of several studies showed that women who took a probiotic supplement with L. rhamnosus for three weeks lost twice as much weight as those who received a placebo. Probiotic Blend contains L. rhamnosus.

2. If you have ever taken antibiotics, then you MUST take probiotics to recolonize your gut with good bacteria. If you have taken antibiotics and do not take a high quality probiotic supplement like Probiotic Blend, then you are at risk of intestinal dysbiosis which can cause mental illness, heart disease and cancer. Antibiotics can also give you a terrible stomach ache until you recolonize, so if your stomach has been giving you issues, then taking Probiotic Blend, 1-2 capsules daily, can help.

3. Probiotics are good, beneficial bacteria that recolonize the gut and crowd out bad bacteria and yeast.

4. Probiotics manufacture vitamins like small amounts of vitamin K2, and B vitamins like B-12

5. If you are on the Yeast-Free Eating Program, it’s doctor’s orders to take Probiotic Blend. While you are taking antifungal medication is the perfect time to recolonize the gut with the good stuff.

6. Anyone that was born via cesarean section MUST recolonize with probiotics regularly through their life. Our first dose of probiotics, meant to initially colonize our gut, is supposed to be received during our trip down the birth canal, but if we missed that opportunity, we have to supplement probiotics.

7. If you eat gluten, sugar or GMO foods, then you need probiotics to help replenish the good bacteria. These things deplete them.

8. Coffee has quite a few health benefits when you drink 2 cups or less per day, but in excess of that, it can be harmful because it reduces good bacteria. If you are a coffee lover you may need to take Probiotic Blend just for this reason.

9. Probiotics improve digestion and nutrient absorption. So, when you eat healthy, your body can absorb more of the good stuff.

10. Probiotics help boost the immune system, reduce allergy symptoms and reduce resistance to antibiotics. 

11. Probiotics help heal a leaky gut which lowers inflammation and reduces disease risk for illnesses such as autism, thyroid disease and autoimmune disorders.

12. Studies show that probiotic supplements like Probiotic Blend are associated with a significant reduction in depression. 

Probiotics for Optimal Mental Health 

We thought that this one particular benefit of Probiotic Blend deserved a little bit of special attention. One in four people suffer from some type of mental illness. About 8% of the American population over 20 suffers currently from depression, and suicide rates are increasing at an alarming rate. There can be many causes of depression and mental illness, such as stress at work or sad events in life that we have no control over. One particular type of depression is completely preventable, and that type is depression caused by inflammation and lack of nutrition. The solution is probiotics! 

Have you ever heard of the gut-brain connection? It’s officially called the “GBA” or Gut-Brian-Axis. The gut and the brain communicate with each other in important ways that influence both gut health and mental health. Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something? That was a chemical message sent by your gut to your brain to tell you something wasn’t right.

Intestinal dysbiosis causes poor mental health by disrupting the Gut-Brain-Axis. When the gut is low on good bacteria and overcrowded with bad bacteria or yeast, the body doesn’t get the benefits it needs from the good bacteria.  Nutrient absorption, vitamin production and neurotransmitter production are all reduced. This results in lower brain energy, low moods, poor memory and anxiety.

These are all ways that intestinal dysbiosis contributes to depression.  In fact, depression or anxiety is a sure sign that the gut needs attention, especially when life should be good. You are happily married, have a great job, two beautiful kids, and yet, for some reason, dark clouds are gathering and you consistently have low moods. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for it, so you may be tempted to ignore it (silent suffering), but that’s a bad idea. Without proper treatment it will not go away. Taking probiotics had been shown to heal intestinal dysbiosis and restore optimal gut health. This, in turn, helps restore optimal mental health. Other supplements can help anxiety and depression, too, like Fish Oil, 5-HTP, Inositol, and B-Complex

Whether you are trying to heal from mental illness or just trying to be as healthy as you can be, choosing the right probiotic supplement is key. Here is what to look for:

Look for a dairy-free supplement without added sugars or chemicals. Make sure it contains “FOS” or fructooligosaccharides. These are called prebiotics and act as food for the good bacteria to keep it alive.
Look for specific strains of bacteria. The line up of bacteria strains in Probiotic Blend was specially formulated to rebalance the gut and help heal yeast overgrowth. It also happens to contain strains shown to improve mental health and support weight loss.
Potency matters. Ask about the potency at time of manufacture. The Hotze Probiotic Blend is 8 billion “at time of manufacture.” That means that when the capsules get dropped into the bottle there is a potency of 8 billion. The label should claim about half of that amount, which is why the Probiotic Blend claims a potency of 4 billion. This lower amount on the label accounts for lost potency during shipping and holding as well as any warm temps the product may be exposed to. 

Probiotic Blend meets all of these high standards and is the highest quality, most effective probiotic supplement on the market. But don’t take our word for it. Give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself.

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