10 Food Swaps for Faster Weight Loss
We have heard it before, “we are what we eat.” This is especially true with what we eat daily.  When eating too many carbs and refined foods becomes a habit, it’s hard to give up. We get emotionally attached and start living to eat rather than eating to live. 

The good news is that all we may need is a few healthy food swaps to change the direction for the better. Healthy food swaps can help us make positive changes in our eating plans, and almost always result in faster weight loss. The more of these swaps you can make, the better your results will be. 

10 Food Swaps for Faster Weight Loss

1. Get a better protein bar. Extra sugar in your protein bar can be the difference between weight loss and weight gain, especially if you are eating a protein bar every morning. Make sure your bars have little to NO sugar (Stevia or sugar alcohol is ok), plenty of pure sourced protein, and other nutrients like healthy fats and fiber. A good protein bar is 100-200 calories and has 3 grams of sugar or less. Also, look for a shorter ingredient list so that you avoid the added preservatives and chemicals often used in mass production. Dr. Hotze’s Yeast-Free Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars are all natural, only 150 calories, 1 gram of sugar, 11 grams of fiber and 1 gram of protein.

2. Swap out regular flour or oat flour for almond flour. Oat flour isn’t unhealthy, and it has its place in your long-term eating plans, but when you are actively trying to lose weight (or on the Yeast-Free Eating Plan), it’s not a good idea. One cup of oats has 27 carbohydrates. Even just using a little bit of oat flour here and there can add up, so steer clear until the weight is off. Then, use it where appropriate. Almond flour is a good choice for occasional baking while trying to lose weight. Just make a note that one serving is ¼ cup.

3. Swap cold cereal for a protein shake. If you like something creamy and cold for breakfast on a warm morning, then go for a protein shake rather than a bowl of cereal. Even the “healthy cereals” are full of carbs, sugar and preservatives. A good protein shake powder, like Pure Pea Protein, is helpful for weight loss because it keeps you feeling full longer and it’s most likely to turn into lean muscle rather than fat.

4. Swap regular or gluten-free pasta for zoodles. Regular or even gluten-free pasta is considered a “white carb” which is a no-no while trying to lose weight. White carbs are broken down immediately in the mouth. They don’t even have to make it all the way to the stomach. This spikes your blood sugar almost immediately which triggers the depositing of fat. Zoodles are zucchini noodles that are easy to make and have plenty of vitamins and fiber. They can also help you stay more hydrated, which is a must while losing weight. This is a swap you will love, and you may never go back to regular noodles!

5. Swap iceburg lettuce for spinach. When it comes to weight loss, you are generally consuming fewer calories, so every calorie counts double. Every food choice needs to have some element of nutrition to it, and iceburg lettuce is ok, but it can make you feel full and has few nutrients. Spinach is a better choice. It’s only 7 calories and is FULL of nutrition and fiber. 

6. Stop eating regular ice cream and try out So Delicious ice cream with no sugar added. It’s made with coconut milk and tastes great. There is a vanilla flavor and a mint chocolate chip flavor in the pint sizes. Sprouts and Kroger will generally have these for sale. Regular ice cream, even occasionally, is a nutrient detractor (it uses up nutrients to process it), and the sugar will turn into fat.

7. Swap chemical sweeteners (Equal or Splenda) in your coffee for Sweet-N-Natural. Chemical sweeteners like Splenda, for example, are toxins. They cause liver disease, cancer and heart disease, and they definitely contribute to weight gain. Toxins and chemicals slow metabolism. Sweet-N-Natural is made with Xylitol which is a natural sugar alcohol found in strawberries and the bark of the birch tree. You can use it cup for cup just like sugar in any recipe. It also makes a perfect sweetener for coffee which is why we have it in packets.

8. Swap vegetable oil for healthy oils. Olive oil is good for a salad, but when cooking with oils, use organic refined expeller pressed coconut oil. It has a higher smoke point, so it’s less likely to break down and become a trans fat. Coconut oil contains MCT fatty acids which improve metabolism and boost thyroid function. You can cook with coconut oil, use it as a butter replacement, or put a teaspoon or two in your coffee as a creamer.

9. Swap out chips and crackers for olives or vegetables. Chips and crackers will make you feel hungrier, whereas a small handful of olives can help you to feel satisfied. Also, the electrolytes in olives will give you an adrenal boost, and the healthy fats will help speed the metabolism.  You can also substitute vegetables. They are low in calories and high in fiber and will keep your tummy feeling full. Try chopping up some raw broccoli, cucumber, red bell peppers and carrots. If you need a little dipping sauce, try organic hummus or organic almond butter.

10. Chuck the chewable vitamins and take Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak. This is a biggie. Chewable vitamins have sugar and chemicals which, again, are not helpful at all during weight loss. They are both contradicting your goals, so it’s best to reduce or eliminate exposure to them. On the other hand, taking a high-quality vitamin regimen like Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak can boost your metabolism and complement your weight loss goals. The PowerPak contains L-Carnitine which helps your liver turn fat into energy, B vitamins to help process carbohydrates faster, and CoQ10 which boosts cellular energy.  It can also just help you feel better which can help you stay on track with your plans. 

These tips will help you lower the amount of sugar, calories and chemicals you are consuming and will increase your nutrients, protein and hydration, and ultimately help you burn more fat. If you implement as many of these as you can, it will not only help you lose weight, but also keep the weight off, as long as you keep the good habits going and don’t go back to your old ways. Remember, excess fat is inflammatory, and inflammation is the start of all disease. If you stay within a normal weight range, your disease risk will be substantially lower. 

As a bonus, you will have more energy, focus and well-being. An eating plan that promotes healthy weight loss is also a nutrient dense, organic and pure eating plan that helps you feel better along the way. When your body has the nutrients it needs to lose the weight, and less of the “gunk” to process, it will have more energy. This is helpful when you are trying to get to the gym to create that calorie deficit. 

If you have tried food swaps like this before and still can’t seem to lose the weight, then a Skinny Pak is JUST what the nutritionist ordered. It’s full of helpful vitamins and supplements that boost your metabolism. Hundreds of customers have tried it and we’ve heard dozens of rave reviews. Remember, don’t try to lose weight if you are 120 pounds or less, but if you are overweight, then you will really appreciate the Skinny Pak and what it can do for you.

Happy swapping!